Monday, September 29, 2008


PBFW has been on a roll this past week with all sorts of brillance.

From Friday...
- She told us her left neck hurts. We're still trying to figure that one out
- She didn't know what equine meant (or how to spell it) so Nancy and I told her. When she asked how we knew that word, Nancy told her it was because she and I read. PBFW went to say that she also read, but Nancy told her that she didn't know that Clinton wasn't still in the presidential race, so she couldn't talk
- She informed us we were not in church

From today...
- She asked who Paul Newman was. And who Sarah Palin is.
- She wanted to know what Netflix are
- She didn't know what apocolypse meant
- She said after hours of being in our insanely hot office "man, it's hot in here".

There's never a dull moment. And it's nice to know while the economic shit hits the fan, PBFW still has no clue

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